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Dab'ah, land, the right to resist

Forced Eviction Looms Over Dab’ah Again

According to the latest statements attributed to the Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), it plans to take matters into its own hand evicting the Dab’ah community from the planned power plant site, their ancestral land, and removing all “encroachments” by the community using its own staff.

The NPPA attitude raises many red flags, not only does it intend to act with complete disregard to the legitimate executive channels and due process, but, and according to the statements to AlYoum AlSabei, it also considers itself entitled to taking it upon itself to carry out the project – neglecting the plight of the Dab’ah community caused by it, and also all calls for the revision of the nuclear project and energy policy, and strong indicators for the intention to do so, that would direct Egypt towards sustainable, clean renewable energy resource usage.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) has issued this press release in response to the latest statements.


About Reem

Reem is a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). She examines and works on driving forward environmental and climate justice issues in Egypt. Most of the content published here is part of her research with EIPR; views posted here are her own.


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