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Cold: A silent killer in Egypt

Read the article for Mada Masr by Mika Minio-Paluello and myself on the cold, climate justice, adaptation, and the needed politics of change. Continue reading


Brief Commentaries

  • Will the current transitional government allow and drive for a serious and open review of its energy plans in terms of actual long-term technical efficiency, external costs, social impacts, and sustainability? Or will the energy policy remain business as usual? [via @YahiaShawkat]
  • Misr Cement - Qena (a Citadel Capital company) switching to coal at the expense of our health and environment, and these of our future generations, to keep its unjustly huge profits. [featured image source: Inhabitat]

Who Are We?

We are a number of environmentalists, rights activists, and professionals concerned with environmental issues in Egypt and how they impact the affected communities and their rights.
Our study of these issues goes beyond the discussion of environmental impacts to the examination of the concept of Environmental Justice and the deeper causes for its violation mostly rooted in economic policy and the decision making process - hence, our treatment of these issues will necessarily be political as well.
We stand behind all communities who mobilize to unapologetically demand and reclaim their rights in a safe, secure, and healthy environment and to manage its resources; and we aim to shed some light on the struggles of such communities.

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